EsJardins de Fruitera

Family,product and roots

Es Jardins is the reward of dedication and effort of the Roig brothers, who have spent more than two decades in the Ibizan restaurant services, side by side with their parents. Several years ago, they decided to put their expertise to use and create a haven for delicious gastronomy in the centre of the island, just beside Santa Gertrudis, in open countryside, and continue working hard 365 days a year.


TheRestaurant with proper beauty

Es Jardins de Fruitera is currently one of the most wonderful restaurants on the island. Its dedicated Mediterranean Menu offers extraordinary appetizers, excellent rice dishes, local fish and high quality meats, all this served in open countryside and supervised by Javier, who together with his brothers Sergio and Marina in the hall, manage these wide spaces maintaining their roots while adding a touch of modernity.

Enjoyan unforgettable experience

Terraces, gardens, halls and Es Jardin´s charming farmhouse will adapt to the current situation and needs of each moment i